Leading multinationals put their trust in us.

So can you. Learn why other companies chose hogan to become their trusted injection molder.

decades of experience

One relationship with one of our principal customers goes back to 1982.  We know that a relationship like this is very rare these days, and therefore of great importance to us. Partnerships like this can only grow if there is a lot of mutual respect, appreciation, and a consistent delivery of top-notch service and product quality. We feel humbled by having several long-lasting customer relationships, and like to thank all our clients for their on-going trust and business.

range of services

We offer a wide range of molding discplines and value-added services.  This enables you to place multiple projects with just one vendor, making your life easier.

value for money

Guangdong is littered with hundreds of regular plastic injection companies, all offering you ‘a very low price’.  Our goal is not to offer the lowest cost, but provide you with the best value for your money.  We do this by being as proactive, open and forthcoming as possible, always addressing issues straight-on, while continuously delivering excellent quality.

fully owned factory

As an environmentally-conscious manufacturing company in Heyuan, we fully own our purpose-built factory, allowing us to plan and invest for the long-term. No production interruptions due to required and painful moves!

our factory

in-house tooling experience

We are able to build, maintain and repair molding tools in-house. In fact, we have over 25 years experience in tooling development for plastic and silicone components. We use high quality and a wide range of equipment. Per year, we build over 100 sets of molds, either entirely in-house, or by partner tooling companies.

number of associates, by division

  • food container (repack)
  • consumer goods
  • infant care
  • capsules/diecast models

source of machinery in %

  • internationally
  • from China

international service standards

We are fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and have a thorough understanding of both Western and Chinese culture. This is of great value as we understand both the international and local mindset.

environmentally-friendly manufacturing company

We are aiming to be an environmentally-friendly manufacturing company, sourcing most of our energy needs through a combination of hydro and solar energy. The Xinfeng Dam is a gravity dam just to the West of Heyuan, cost-effectively producing most of the area’s local energy. In addition, we are installing 7,500+ solar PV panels (=2 MW) on our factory roof-top. Once the project is completed, this solar system will help us to reduce our carbon footprint by 2,125 metric tons of CO2, annually.

on sound financial footing

As a privately-held and debt-free company, we fully own both our office in Hong Kong, as well as the 110,000sqm of land and 70,000sqm of buildings in Heyuan. This puts us on a very sound financial footing, allowing us to be a flexible and agile partner.

we look forward to hearing from you.