A China-based injection moulding contract manufacturer.

since 1982

about us

Founded 1982 in Hong Kong, the hogan group is a plastic injection moulding contract manufacturer, specializing in producing high-precision consumer products. Serving multinationals from the U.S. and Europe, we have decades-long experience working with the infant care, confectionery and FMCG industry.

our factory

Our purpose-built and highly-automated factory is located in Heyuan, a 2,5 hour drive from Hong Kong.  Stretching over a total area of 20,000 sqm, our well-trained 1,400 associates work with the latest, mostly internationally-sourced machinery:

  • 125 injection molding machines (100 to 500 tons)
  • 50 pad printing machines (2 to 6 colors)
  • 30 sets of sonic welding machines
  • 8 milling machines
  • 4 vertical overmold injection machines
  • 4 sets of automation systems
  • stack mold injection machines (320-500 tons)

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our people

Our molding departments run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Other departments typically run 11 hours a day, depending on workload:

  • administration: 25 associates
  • food container: 600 associates
  • infant care: 225 associates
  • drinkware: 200 associates
  • others: 400 associates
  • total: 1,450 associates


Over the course of 30+ years, we gradually perfected our offering and now provide our long-term customers with following services:
  • engineering
  • tooling
  • imprinting
  • food re-packing
  • decoration
  • warehousing

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One of our unique features is our specialization on just a few product types in a high-quantity and quality manner. We focus on producing:
  • infant care
  • drink & tableware
  • food containers
  • diecast models

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our clients

We are privileged and thankful for being able to call our very first customer of 1982 still our client today. This decade-long partnership is a testament to the mutual respect between our two companies. Confidentiality and trust are two of our cornerstone principles, hence we wish not to reveal the identity of any of our customers. All our clients are leading multinationals in their specific industry, and all are either companies from the U.S. or Europe, selling products globally.


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